The State of Emergency in Tunisia: Between Security Determination and Expected Dangers

It was not surprising that President Beji Caid Essebsi, in a televised speech to the Tunisian people, declared State of Emergency for a month starting July 4 until August 2, 2015. He stated that, […]

Municipalities in Tunisia: The limited role of the Private Prosecutions & the Need for an Elected Administration

The municipality is a key pillar of local development. It represents a practical exercise of local democracy, through the election of local councils that reflect the wishes and aspirations of the citizens in a […]

Booster la gouvernance de la santé publique (Un défi de plus en plus pressant)

La gouvernance de la santé influence le droit à la santé en son fondement et sa finalité. Tel que défini dans l’article 12 du Pacte international relatif aux droits économiques sociaux et culturels, le […]

Where to now for Primary Education in Tunisia ?

This paper aims to shed light on the reality of primary education in post-revolutionary Tunisia at a time when much importance has been given to reforms in some sectors as a response to sectoral […]