The idea of creating a regional initiative for electronic documentation of university theses in social sciences, in the form of Al-Majmaa, is, without a doubt, the result of a long-term debate and a search process that was carried out by the Applied Social Sciences Forum since 2011. From the beginning, the Arab Portal for electronic documentation of academic theses represents a contribution by volunteering individuals and institutions who were keen to the idea of localizing social knowledge in the Arab region and worked on its development and wider dissemination, for being a public and common benefit. For more than four years of cumulative and quantitative effort, the question that remained is to what extent we can evaluate PhD theses research in universities today, especially that there is a remarkable discrepancy between the completed research on the Arab world at foreign universities and those completed within the Arab universities, in terms of quality. There are already several sub-questions concerning the need to balance scientific knowledge in this area. Scientific output has witnessed, during the last twenty years, high growth rate as compared to scientific productions (the production of books and articles) which is still very weak. There is a conviction today investment returns do not meet in any way what is being allotted to research. In this regard, the report on the search trends at the level of PhD theses in Arab universities seeks to present a number of case studies, which include in 2015, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, the Gulf States and American and French universities.

In this regard, The ASSF seeks to take a step forward towards accomplishing two tasks:

  • Hold the regional meeting to formally announce the launch of the Arab report on research trends in PhD theses in the Social Sciences (Tunis 2016).
  • The formation of a second central team to issue the 2017 report to include the countries that were not considered in the 2015 report

List of participants

  • Ahmed Zayed / Egypt
  • Aicha Tayib / Saudi Arabia & Tunisia
  • Haba Chrigui / Morocco
  • Fatimazahra belfakir / Marocco
  • Larry Michelack / USA
  • AbdelkaderLatreche / Qatar & Algeria
  • Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh / Tunisia
  • Moushira Elgeziri / Egypt
  • Omar Dars / Algeria
  • Fathia Barouni / Tunisia
  • Ibrahim Jedla / Tunisia
  • Ida Saidani / Tunisia
  • Abdelhamid Labidi France / Tunisia
  • Abdellatif Hermassi / Tunisia
  • Abdellatif Hannachi / Tunisia
  • Monia Rekik / Tunisia
  • Mounir Saidani / Tunisia